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When it comes to gardening our services are like no other
When it comes to gardening our services are like no other

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Achieving A Dream Garden In Chelsea

sw10 garden planting design chelseaGardeners Chelsea is a company that prides itself on providing the very best in gardening and landscaping throughout Chelsea.  We cover all aspects of garden maintenance at great affordable prices, but why should you need a service such as this? Asking about the value of reliable gardening is basically questioning the value of having a beautiful garden.  Gardens can provide peace of mind, freedom from working life and inspire the imagination. But beautiful gardens must be maintained. Simply call us on to learn more of the services we offer. Our expert services can give you back your garden and open your mind to the possibilities.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Tired of looking out the window at the barren wasteland of your garden? We are helping people throughout Chelsea to realise the true potential of having gardening professionals come in and assess what can be achieved within your garden.  Our team can then plan, create and maintain the garden you've always wished for! We have the tools and skills to carry out comprehensive lawn care and garden waste clearance. Professional maintenance is what we are passionate about, and we want to bring that passion to you wherever you are in the SW3 region.

Make Your Garden The Favourite Spot Of Your Family

No matter the season, your garden can be a party venue or a family meeting point to be enjoyed and lived in. If you want to create a great outdoor space to play host to friends and family, you'll need some professional gardening services to help realise your vision. We can provide garden landscaping as well as regular maintenance.  Whether you need a quick clearance for a special event or a huge garden overhaul, we can help. We could even pop over after the party to provide lawn care and clean up!

Do You Have Pets?

sw3 modern garden design in chelseaPets can bring up unexpected issues with your garden. Cats like to dig up plants and worms and will often flatten beloved plants by sleeping on them! Dogs also love to dig up turf and may wreak havoc with water features. But since our pets are here to stay, there should be other ways to work around these mucky pups!  We offer various forms of maintenance for your garden including spraying and patio cleaning.  If you're based within Chelsea, SW3 then we can find a great gardening package to suit your specific needs.

Let The Experts Help You

If you're looking for a skilled and dedicated garden maintenance company in the SW3 area who can take care of your worries connected to your garden, then look no further.  Here at Gardeners Chelsea we have a team of professionals who specialise in garden landscaping and lawn maintenance throughout Chelsea. We have a growing reputation for outstanding services and we are constantly recommended as one of the top service providers in the area to contact for taking care of your garden. 

There's a huge array of services we have available to liberate your old garden and make it into the Eden you've been dreaming of.  From lawn mowing to hedge trimming and pruning, our teams are on hand to discuss your needs. Everyone who works for us is chosen for their superior knowledge and skill, so you can count on us to truly take care of all your needs. For more information on the best local gardening services and deals in Chelsea, simply get in touch on to speak with one of our friendly team members] today.

testimonials - what customers say

Very reasonable prices and excellent landscaping. Can't go wrong giving GardenersChelsea a try.    
Adam Holloway
From lawn mowing to hedge trimming, Gardening Services Chelsea are brilliant at everything! The best and most affordable gardeners out there.    
Emily Dickinson
The most reasonable prices and best gardeners in town. Chelsea Gardeners provides great garden maintenance at low cost.    
Diane F.
I had crab grass growing out of my ears. Being so busy I kind of let the lawn go, and it needed some professional help, and fast. Gardening Services Chelsea did great work! Excellent lawn mowing service at low cost. Nice workers, no...    
Anne Denton
My garden resembled an overgrown jungle but Gardening Services Chelsea soon made it look fabulous again. They took care of everything with smiles on their faces and did so with gusto and a tremendous amount of professionalism; garden...    
Gary D.
Gardening can prove to be a difficult task for some people who have a busy schedule. I was facing the same problem and my garden got out of control within a few weeks. I needed the services of a professional firm to restore my garden....    
Andy S.
I wasn't sure how much garden landscaping would cost but was pleasantly surprised when I received the quote from Landscape Gardeners Chelsea. It was very affordable and I'm pleased to say that the service received was very high-quality...    
Michael Clover
I had an awkward bit of my garden that was in urgent need of landscaping, and I looked to Chelsea Gardening to make it happen. I had no ideas whatsoever, but their creative juices flowed and they immediately came up with several ideas,...    
Roger J.
Landscape gardening always sounded, to me, like one of those really luxurious services than only the rich could afford to use. Never in my dreams had I thought I'd be able to hire such a service. But Gardening Services Chelsea offers...    
Tina Bryans
My children love playing on the lawn in our garden so it's important that it's kept trim and safe. I want the absolute best results so I hire professionals from Gardening Company Chelsea to do it. With them coming every other week to...    
Melissa W.

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